Airlines for Pet Travel: the Good, Bad and Ugly

Having traveled all over North, Central America and Europe for the last 2 years, I’ve finally gotten around to writing up this long-awaited post. Travelling with your pet sometimes is a non-negotiable but searching for best airlines to travel with is tedious not to mention confusing at best. While not an exhaustive list by any means, here are the good, the bad and the ugly airlines, based on my own experiences … More Airlines for Pet Travel: the Good, Bad and Ugly

Flying with pets on SATA International Airlines

While many “discount” airlines such as WOW air have been offering great deals between North America and Europe lately, sadly none allow pet transport. Interesting exception you should know (and take advantage of!)- SATA Airlines International (aka Air Azores, based in Portugal) A small company that uses same fleet as Air Transat, only flying out of select … More Flying with pets on SATA International Airlines

Is Hawaii Cruise a Good Idea?

Back in 2007 my mom was coming out of a divorce and had the right idea to blow off some steam and head to Hawaii. However, she’s never been to the islands or let alone anywhere else that required planning by herself and the cruise seemed like a good idea. I was lucky enough to join in-and that’s how my love affair with the islands began.

Ten years later, I though I’d review whether a cruise around the islands is actually a good idea, the pro’s and con’s so you can see for yourself it it’s your cup of tea. … More Is Hawaii Cruise a Good Idea?

Memories of growing up in post-Soviet Russia.

Noone questioned the sanitary standards, pasteurization process or fat content. There was a certain thrill in the unknowing if you’d get sick or not-but here’s the kicker, noone got sick! At least, noone in my immediate surroundings. We’d eat fruit off the ground, competing with birds and worms alike for our share, dusting off the dirt and showing apricot after apricot in our mouths. We’d eat anything that looks remotely edible, not because we were starving, but for the sheer thrill of it… … More Memories of growing up in post-Soviet Russia.

Timeshare User Guide

Experiencing buyer’s remorse? Wondering if you’re going to be stuck with perpetually increasing annual membership fees, while not being able to use your ownership for anything worthwhile?

I currently own three timeshares: RCI (bough directly at Sedona Pines, AZ), Bluegreen Vacation Club and Shell Vacation Club, and there are only two of us travelling and still, I make sure to get more than my money’s worth every year.

Here is a little breakdown of how I use my memberships that make sense to me financially… … More Timeshare User Guide