Flying with pets on SATA International Airlines

While many “discount” airlines such as WOW air have been offering great deals between North America and Europe lately, sadly none allow pet transport. Interesting exception you should know (and take advantage of!)- SATA Airlines International (aka Air Azores, based in Portugal) A small company that uses same fleet as Air Transat, only flying out of select … More Flying with pets on SATA International Airlines

Is Hawaii Cruise a Good Idea?

Back in 2007 my mom was coming out of a divorce and had the right idea to blow off some steam and head to Hawaii. However, she’s never been to the islands or let alone anywhere else that required planning by herself and the cruise seemed like a good idea. I was lucky enough to join in-and that’s how my love affair with the islands began.

Ten years later, I though I’d review whether a cruise around the islands is actually a good idea, the pro’s and con’s so you can see for yourself it it’s your cup of tea. … More Is Hawaii Cruise a Good Idea?

Beginner’s Guide to Airbnb

When I was living in Europe last, Airbnb was just starting out and wasn’t nearly as widespread as it is now, so paying 40$ for a room to split between 2-3 people while travelling with friends was the cheapest option, comparable to getting a bed in a dorm. Nowadays, there are tons of options in most touristy spots of Europe where for around $40 a night, all of which come with the amenities listed above. … More Beginner’s Guide to Airbnb

Timeshare User Guide

Experiencing buyer’s remorse? Wondering if you’re going to be stuck with perpetually increasing annual membership fees, while not being able to use your ownership for anything worthwhile?

I currently own three timeshares: RCI (bough directly at Sedona Pines, AZ), Bluegreen Vacation Club and Shell Vacation Club, and there are only two of us travelling and still, I make sure to get more than my money’s worth every year.

Here is a little breakdown of how I use my memberships that make sense to me financially… … More Timeshare User Guide

Antigua Currency Exchange

The best way to exchange money in Guatemala isn’t at the ATM’s but at the bank itself. In Antigua, foreign currency is only accepted by the two banks located at the Parque Central, one is PanAmerican and it only exchanges 200$ at a time at (roughly, 1 USD=7.5 Q as of Dec 2015) while the bank on the side street that has a courtyard entrance, exchanges up to 500$ at a time and offered 7.6Q for each dollar (exchange rate inquired about within 5 minutes of each other). Both do not charge any bank fee and only require you to present your passport at the time of transaction. … More Antigua Currency Exchange

Antigua Pet Travel guide: customs and lodging

Arrival in Guatemala: the immigration official barely glanced at our passports, stamped them and motioned onwards. One thing that was quite different to other countries, they scan your bags once again after you collect them- so after you are done with the passports, you are led to drop off the bags and that’s where you … More Antigua Pet Travel guide: customs and lodging

I’ve got a one way ticket to paradise…

…or, in our case, should’ve had a one way ticket! As I’d mentioned in my overwintering options on the cheap post, I’d researched just about everything this trip except Delta airline overstay exemption policies. Here goes: I’m a planner and a prepper. My worst nightmare is showing up at the airport and finding out that something has … More I’ve got a one way ticket to paradise…

Overwintering options on the cheap

When considering our first over-wintering in a tropical country, requirements were few: -direct flight from Atlanta, GA -be reasonably priced, such as monthly rentals under 600$ and food under 400$ -easily accessible to other parts of the country by public transport -have minimum requirement for pet entry -offer a yoga or wellness-related retreat at an affordable … More Overwintering options on the cheap

Retirement overseas: dream or reality?

We’ve all been there: stuck at our routine day job, fantasizing of packing it all in and relocating somewhere tropical on the cheap, drinking margaritas and stretching the value of the dollar. Retiring or establishing a location independent business may sound attractive in places like Belize, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico, but “cheap” isn’t the first … More Retirement overseas: dream or reality?