Memories of growing up in post-Soviet Russia.

Noone questioned the sanitary standards, pasteurization process or fat content. There was a certain thrill in the unknowing if you’d get sick or not-but here’s the kicker, noone got sick! At least, noone in my immediate surroundings. We’d eat fruit off the ground, competing with birds and worms alike for our share, dusting off the dirt and showing apricot after apricot in our mouths. We’d eat anything that looks remotely edible, not because we were starving, but for the sheer thrill of it… … More Memories of growing up in post-Soviet Russia.

Coffee is my religion, or why I choose not to have home internet.

You think of having WiFi at your house more like a God-given right than a choice, and that’s the way it’s been for me for over 10 years. When it’d cut out for a day or a couple of hours, I’d throw a tantrum like my life has come to an end or I’ve been … More Coffee is my religion, or why I choose not to have home internet.

Content with little

It’s not like work is the enemy that you must break away from. You could be giving your personal power away to anything: a disease, drugs, alcohol, addiction, unhealthy relationship, depression…just because you have decided to quit your job does not mean happiness will ensue. On the contrary, due to our conditioning, depression, anxiety and … More Content with little

A Perfect Monday

The is something inexplicably aesthetically pleasing in drinking a fine cup on earl grey on a cloudy morning out of an authentic English china-a rare find you’ve scored on a recent stroll through a Saturday antique market. It is about pausing and enjoying the moment, engaging all senses: the lightweight of the cup, the intricate … More A Perfect Monday

300$ View

One man, two chainsaws, two hours, 300$. THIS VIEW. The man’s a genius. Here’s the funny bit: prior to him coming over, I’d ventured out downhill to the edge of the property, marked the line of sight and flagged all the trees I thought needed to be removed. He arrives, takes a quick look, and … More 300$ View

On rural lifestyle

Some days, it seems that my life revolves around trips to Home Depot, Lowe’s,  Ace hardware and any other home renovation store in the 50 mile radius. Where I used to despise setting foot in a Home Depot, I now get excited strolling through the much familiar aisles, looking for discounted items, and chatting with usually … More On rural lifestyle