About Us

Why “thirty” and “retired”? I’m a 30-something and my mom has been employed full time in one industry or another for exactly 30 years. Although we are not “retired” in a traditional sense, rather we had made a conscious choice to retire our old lives, where earning sufficient amount of money in order to maintain a standard of living is prioritized above all else, particularly above personal happiness. Check out this post to read more on our move from the city to the country and across North America.

ThirtyAndRetired is a social experiment in a new way of living because we believe that it is time for a revolution in sustainable living, learning to be respectful to ourselves, the earth and the planet as a whole, while working to better ourselves for the greater good.
Just two women, with very basic skills, looking to make a transition to living completely off the grid, create a sustainable lifestyle and learn by doing, with the idea of eventually creating an intentional community or joining one, if that becomes a viable option.

We will be talking about how we are doing what we have set out to do, from homesteading and financial independence to permaculture and travelling long-term on a strict budget. 

To keep in touch and share your experience, make sure to join our Facebook Group and follow us on Instagram  and “Follow” this site to make sure you don’t miss our next exciting post! 

happy and relaxed, watching a sunset in Greece
happy and relaxed, watching a sunset in Greece

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