why Hawaii is the go-to vacation spot

I get asked all the time what my favorite destination is. If I could drop everything right now, where would I go? Surprisingly even to myself, my answer rarely changes.

-Hawaii-I answer, before I can think

-Really, but haven’t you been there every year for the last 9 years? Don’t you get tired of the same old?

-Well, don’t you get tired of the same all-inclusives in Mexico/Carribean/Dominican Republic?

 Truthfully, I do not get tired of Hawaii, ever. What never ceases to amaze me is the sheer beauty of the islands, the verdant greenery, the picturesque bays and the thick, humid air filled with fragrant flowers and exotic sounds. It is truly a paradise on earth that is suited for any kind of tourist, from an adventure seeker to a laid-back beach worshipper. So all of my vacations to the Hawaiian islands have been completely different, varying on how I felt at the time and what it was I was seeking.

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One time, we’d only tented and hiked the Kalalau trail (detailed post coming soon!), another-its was all about r&r, focused on finding where the best beaches, afternoon cocktails and happy hours are. Another time, things took an almost spiritual pilgrimage turn when I’d discovered a Buddhist temple on Kauai island and started exploring Buddhist culture of Hawaii and its ancestry. I’d attended a traditional blessing ceremony where we gave thanks to the ancestors and gotten a whole new level of appreciation for the deep rich history of the Hawaiian people and their land. Another time, it was all about local food, as I’d just made a switch to vegetarianism and was determined to find all the local grown goodness at reasonable prices. Next time, Id just gotten a professional camera, so it was all about scouting the locations for the best photo opportunities… and the list goes on.

As you can see, no matter how many times you go, each time will be different. Just be clear on what it is you need from this particular trip or if unsure, contact me, it can be as basic as recommending an area to stay in and its local attractions or as detailed as setting up a daily itinerary, with all the details worked out and slotted in, from the moment you arrive to the moment you get back on the plane to go home, with satisfied grins and bronzed skin and that inexplicable “Hawaii Glow”.

So, just remember, when in doubt-Hawaii!


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