Shell Vacations Club (SVC) review

Shell Vacations Club: this is my newest addition, just when I’d thought I was happy with my ownership and nothing could sway me, an honest, bubbly girl named April did- and I couldn’t thank her enough. She knew I’d cut through the usual sales pitch with no effort and we got to talking about the benefits and the cost right away.

We were able to work out a great deal, where for only 10.000$USD initial purchase price, I was able to basically be a “gold level” when in came to exchange power- meaning, although my annual allotment of point if only enough for 4-5 nights at a “home group” resort or a week at a 2Br last minute exchange, I can actually buy as many points as I need (as long as they apply towards booking a vacation right away, I cannot “store” them).

In a short 1.5 year of my being a Shell member, I’d gotten a great vacation to Vino Bello Resort for 5 nights (using my points), sent a friend to a 2 Br in Maui over the Christmas week for only 1100$/week, stayed at an oceanfront studio in Miami for 250$/week and had even made a small profit of 100$ by selling a Maui Christmas week vacation with the purchase of a guest certificate.

Shell Benefits, in short:
Excellence of the resorts on all accounts: spacious, clean, renovated.

Superb locations like San Francisco, Napa Valley, San Antonio, and all of the Hawaiian islands make it very versatile. Points value is established ahead of time and some of the 1-br spacious units in downtown San Francisco can cost as low as 125$/night when converted into dollar value. That’s a smashing deal, considering a few years ago I paid 130$ (with tax) for a little motel with 2 beds and barely enough space to put your luggage down, 30 min walking distance from any attractions.

So there you have it!

I’ve reviewed the benefits and using Bluegreen Vacations Club to your maximum advantage

RCI’s best deals (which anyone can jump on, regardless of how many annual points you get).

Based on my math and record keeping, on average, I at least double my return of what I pay in my membership fees, so it never feels like a waste-on the contrary, it feels like pre-paying for a whole lot of discount vacations for the year to come!

I know it may seem overwhelming to keep all these tidbits of information, so if you’re struggling on getting the most use of your timeshare that you currently own, or are unsure how to best piece together an itinerary by using your membership rather than a hotel chain, I offer private consultation and coaching, whether your goal is to maximize your ownership or you just want travel advice without wasting time searching on the internet, get in touch via the Contact Me form or comment away, I would love to hear what dream vacations you’ve gone on, thanks to being a timeshare owner.



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