Bluegreen Travel Hacks

With my Bluegreen ownership, I take advantage of mostly travelling Mon-Thurs, at a fraction of what Fri-Sun would cost me. Yes, I have the flexibility to take advantage of mid-week travel, but hear me out!

Example: I am in love with Charleston, SC so I like to stay 2-3 nights on East Bay street, in the centre of it all. The going price for basic accommodation there? 220$+

 I am staying in a 2 Br unit for 3 nights (mon-wed) for less than what Fri night alone would cost me (points value roughly translated into 200$/3 nights). Same deal with Savannah  GA and St Augustine FL- I was able to book 9 nights this year alone, in 2 Br units, all for 13,000 points (while my annual allotment is 20,000) and still have points left over for 2 weeks of last minute vacations ( at only 3000 pts each for a full week!).

Want to extend you Mon-Thurs rate into the weekend? Play smart and don’t get too hung up about moving resorts, then your best bet is to book with your timeshare on the “cheap” point days and book with AirBnB! I wrote why I love to supplement my vacations and stay with Airbnb in this post.
In the previous years, when travelling for 3-4 days at a time wouldn’t make sense, due to high air travel costs (I mostly drive now), I still had a great use out of my Bluegreen club by using my points towards booking a stay on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Typically, you can expect to pay upwards of 1000$/week for a 1BR condo at an oceanfront property in peak times (Dec-March). However,we were able to get 2 weeks per year, and still have points leftover for a last minute vacation, all for 1500$/year worth of maintenance fees, which equates to less than 700$ a week!


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