Where we’ coming from

It all began when mom was laid off from her well-paying job as a chemical engineer for a large oil and gas corporation in Canada back in the fall of 2013, shortly after coming home from an extensive vacation (Kryon “kundalini tour”). She looked at it as more of a blessing that anything else, as she was completely burnt out, underappreciated and understimulated at her job, yet the steady paycheck, mortgage and dependents (my elderly grandmother, living with us) did not give her a “way out”. Knowing full well she wasn’t ready to go back to the corporate world, she began searching what her passions are. One that came up is medicinal herbalism and creating all natural skincare, from where our Goddess Essentials line was born. The next “sign” to move on was when my grandmother passed away in late August, 2014 and we both knew it was her gift to us to pick up and move anywhere our heart would take us.