Coffee is my religion, or why I choose not to have home internet.

You think of having WiFi at your house more like a God-given right than a choice, and that’s the way it’s been for me for over 10 years. When it’d cut out for a day or a couple of hours, I’d throw a tantrum like my life has come to an end or I’ve been told I have an incurable disease, fully expecting to be reimbursed for the whole month (which never happened to me or anyone I know, but didn’t stop me from thinking so).

When I travel, regardless if it’s to the next state or to a third world country, I always ask if the high speed wifi is included, and the answer, in 99% of the time, is always yes. Yet, here we are, 20 miles from at least 3 mid-size towns to the west, northeast and east, and less than 2 hours from one of the top 10 cities in all of the US (Atlanta) and yet, wifi here is regarded as somewhat of a mysterious creature that cannot be captured, only adored.

Believe me, I tried signing up with an internet provider, I really, truly did, within our very first week here of getting moved in (back then the idea of living even a few months without home internet seemed unfathomable-ha!). Having been given a lengthy run-around and a missing 35$ later, I gave up. The options were: over 70$/month with the possibility of owing the company over 400$ if for any reason I’d chosen to cancel within the first 24 months (not to mention living under EMF radiation of having a high power receiver on top of the house) or the non-existent service for 50$/month, who’d failed to even get the account set up in the first place.

Considering that we get out into town at least once a week anyway, was it too much of a stretch to consider that, perhaps, it wouldn’t be so bad just to postpone whatever you had to do until that one day when you get out to a coffee shop?

Well, I’ll tell you the truth: some days it’s hard. It really is hard. Other days, I couldn’t care less and actually feel happy about not having distractions, being more connected to my life, more “tuned in” and trust me, when I get to go into town, I treasure those outings like no other. What used to be a 15-minute sit-down chat at a cafe is now a luxurious 2-3 hour work session, stretching out in my favourite corner, chatting to the baristas that know me by now (but thankfully don’t ask what on earth I am doing with my life!), catching up on news and updating my websites.

And above all, I get to enjoy both the money savings of not having an additional home bill as well as the social aspect of getting out and letting myself take a break from work for an afternoon here and there. It truly is the best of both worlds!



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