one year No-Job-versary

Today marks the first No-Job-versary. It’s been a year since I quit my job and one the one hand it feels like only a few months ago, and on another, as if it were in a different lifetime. At the time of making the decisions to leave a well-paid professional position that would’ve been a start to my career after only one year in the field, I was well aware of how many others would think it an absolute  senseless thing to do, considering Canada was heading into yet another recession and most people were doing anything in their power to keep their jobs. I also knew it wouldn’t be as easy for me to re-enter the working environment at the drop of a hat (I kind of lucked out and landed this position without really searching for it).

That said, I knew I was headed into the big world of unemployment. Sure, I’d been unemployed before: for  months at a time unable to find a summer job (another one of Canada’s recessions, this time in 2009), in-between contracts, etc-so it’s not an unfamiliar feeling, but to make a conscious lifestyle choice and throw away all security of a decent sized paycheck-that’s a different story. And funny enough, only 14 months ago, I had no idea any of this would happen. I thought it was a far-fetched idea to find land with a house on it that would be set up for semi-off grid living, let alone find one in our budget, sell the current home and move all our belongings in less than 3 months! Yet, apparently the adage is true-when you’ve made up your mind, the universe conspires to help you.

We’d come from a suburban area where the nearest Starbucks, movie theatre, shopping mall was a mere 5 min away, while a nearest recreation area a 1 hr+, to the lifestyle where the nearest forest and/or lake is 20min away and you nearest coffee fix is closer to an hour, and you’re lucky if you find one. And I love the change! People ask me how it feel to live without internet at the property, and that’s the least of my concerns. Others think it must be incredibly boring to live in a rural area with noone but the two of us and wildlife to talk to, not to mention what do we do with all our time?  For anyone who’s ever owned a piece of land, that’s a hilarious question-there’s always something to do, especially if you’re starting a garden from scratch. 

And here we are, having taken that leap of faith, I am often amazed by what this change of lifestyle has brought: I no longer wish to partake in mass consumerism by buying clothes and other items I don’t actually have a need for. Moreover, its been over a year since I bought any makeup or beauty product (shampoos, creams, soaps)-because I make them all myself and I intend on keeping it that way. Instead, my frivolous purchases have become more along the lines of breadmaker, cheese ferment and solar outdoor lights-I hardly recognize myself! Of course, the question of budgeting comes up more now that before. And yet, we know enough not to stress over it. And if and when I do get stressed, I step outside and take a breath of fresh air and give thanks for the pure water that comes out of my well and know that it will all work out… somehow. I got this far, didn’t I?



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