Content with little

It’s not like work is the enemy that you must break away from. You could be giving your personal power away to anything: a disease, drugs, alcohol, addiction, unhealthy relationship, depression…just because you have decided to quit your job does not mean happiness will ensue. On the contrary, due to our conditioning, depression, anxiety and fear are much more likely to join you after the initial “honeymoon” period is over. And vice versa, having a solid job with a guaranteed income in your field, does not ensue happiness. If personal happiness was actually a measurable factor, we could include in our work contracts, and I am sure we would be operating as a whole different society.

But as I sit here by the cozy real fire place, warm from the wood we’ve gathered and cut ourselves, in a spacious living room (so spacious, in fact, that the couch is seldom used-either for guests or to sort out done laundry), surrounded by all our paintings…then i walk in the generously sized kitchen to grab a glass of water, looking out into the flowering yard. At night, as I’m waiting for Zayah (the cat) to finish her nightly walks, I look up to the unobstructed sky view and am immediately mesmerized by the abundant stars…and I cannot imagine wanting anything else for now…

This, this is perfect, for now, this is more than enough.  The quietness of the night, with warm and sunny mornings, reading a book by the fire or contemplating the future on the deck with long range views…it amazes me that a house that costs less than 20% of what we owned in Canada, can offer so much more.


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