life goes on

I stood naked on my half-finished deck today. Even if only for a brief moment, I felt total contentment gazing out onto the sea of greens and blues in front of me, a light breeze and not a soul in sight…on the other hand, our front yard is looking naked today. With heaviness in my heart, we had to take the decorative pear tree down, as it posed serious risk not only to the house structure, being four feet away, but also with the little brown ticks we’ve noticed were prevalent in its bark, and being  overgrown as it was, this type of tree tends to split in half unexpectedly.

Since we cannot be there all the time to catch it- and I’m not sure what we would do even if we were around, the decision was made to cut it down. Now, I’m not one to make these decisions lightly. I understand the wonderful habitat it’d provided to the wild birds, natural shade and balance…but there’s still plenty of trees around, as we tried to cut down only the dead or sick ones, or pines.. no one cares about pines-that’s not true.

That said, the wood will be used for mulch, decorative landscaping, larger chunks for mushroom growing, other branches for raised beds, and of course, some will be devoted to my cordwood project I am dying to try! What could be better than creating beautiful walls and flooring with the wood you’d salvaged in your own yard?


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