300$ View

One man, two chainsaws, two hours, 300$. THIS VIEW.

taken from the deck at sunset
taken from the deck at sunset

The man’s a genius. Here’s the funny bit: prior to him coming over, I’d ventured out downhill to the edge of the property, marked the line of sight and flagged all the trees I thought needed to be removed. He arrives, takes a quick look, and goes off to start chopping them down without much of a word. Next thing I know, rather than going in a straight line, he’d found the angle to expose a long range view I hadn’t even thought was possible from our property. Of course, we’ll be using the tree stumps for decorative purposes as well as to impregnate with mushroom spores, and having a couple of red oaks is just perfect for mushroom growing!

Dan’s his name and he’s one of the good ones. He’s  been doing this for 30 years, works alone because he  says  everyone he’s hired in the past is either untrustworthy or unreliable-and that’s not the first time I’ve heard this regarding local workers. Perhaps, that’s the reason our deck contractor insists on using half-blind, illiterate 50+ workers-at least they show up. Hmm. More on that topic later, but I’ll just enjoy the view for now.

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