Just another Saturday in Northern Georgia

Another scorching hot day in Georgia. The heat begins promptly at 9am and you just know…it’ll be another hot one! Well, we had things to do and people to see.  My little baby “Crownie” has been making a weird noise lately. Of course, I am immensely grateful it’s made it all this way without a hitch and still kicking, but the combination of the heat and probably the altitude and hilly terrain has been weary on her. So, while on our way to exploring Dillard GA last week, we’d noticed a small repair shop by a road intersection and met a great couple, Bill and Beth.

Bill is a war veteran who’s been running his repair business for a long time, is very approachable, honest and we immediately got on well. Today, he wanted to know our opinion of Putin and the whole situation in Russia right now… there aren’t enough hours in the day to discuss that whole ordeal, but we let him know where we stood on the subject and we agreed to disagree. It was interesting to hear his perspective  and he seemed to have a great deal of respect for all the Russian and eastern European soldiers despite the tense political dynamics at the time of his service.

The more I meet people here, the more I see that in fact, the old adage about people from the south is still true. More often than not, they will talk to you and try to help in whatever way they can. Oh, and get this: he’d looked the car over, pressure tested it, and unable to find anything wrong with it that needed fixing,  refused to take any money! Unbelievable.

thousands of miles later, it’s still kicking!

With a green pass in hand, we now had the rest of the day to explore around Jasper. Randomly, stumbled upon a small farmers market that had everything ranging from homemade baked goods to nursery plants.  Yet, the most amazing find? My favourite”beef heart” tomatoes for 1$ each! Now, that’s a real taste of summer!

Then, decided to give the whole”flea market” another try. And quickly abandoned the idea, once again seeing that this flea marker it just another junk-tiques style (stuff that’s been sitting in someone’s gatage for over 20 years, 95% of which is absolutely worthless). Once in a while, there are some real gems, like authentic English china, or an antique wood desk worth restoring. However, since we did downsize quite a bit with this house, I do like to keep my furniture decorations and junk to a minimalist and utilitarian approach that involves  as little solid wood as possible (as I do still dream of living in a yurt in not-so-distant future).

We finished the day off with a dip in Carter’s lake, full of locals seeking refuge from the unbearable heat, and back to unpacking the kitchen.


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