On rural lifestyle

Some days, it seems that my life revolves around trips to Home Depot, Lowe’s,  Ace hardware and any other home renovation store in the 50 mile radius. Where I used to despise setting foot in a Home Depot, I now get excited strolling through the much familiar aisles, looking for discounted items, and chatting with usually friendly and knowledgeable staff. That being said, I still try to find my salvaged materials as much as possible, spotting any opportunity to do so.

The other day, while buying tile at  a warehouse, I’d noticed a great stack of shipping pallets by their loading dock. So, I’d asked if they wouldn’t mind giving some away. What’s the worst that can happen? You always have to ask! Well, as a matter of fact, they didn’t mind at all…it was my car that was too small to fit them in! However, as soon as I can get my hands on a truck, I know where I’ll be stopping by first!

Unexpected things that come with living in a rural area: although most stores boast ‘free delivery”, that largely only applies to urban areas.  Here, most will charge a fee to get anything delivered, including large appliances, and  even then, you’d have to go into the whole conversation about the nature of the roads in this particular development and how no truck over 15’ will be able to get in and still turn around.

That being said, I was mostly worried to waste management prior to coming here, again due to the rural area. Well, the developers came up with a rather unique solution: there are 2 dumpsters at each entrance, both unrestricted to the amount of garbage each resident can dispose of. While that’s good news for us in terms of renovations, I can see how this is discouraging any sort of responsibility for the waste each one of us produces. Not to mention that there are only 2 recycling bins (each the size of regular household bin in Calgary) available to all of 150 residents… my guess as to how many actually use it? 2%. We are in the south, after all. While I’ m on the topic of recycling, I’d certainly notices a trend even within myself to get lazy with recycling and composting, simply because that’s not the way of life around here. It’s all to easy to throw your to go cup away or not bring bags to the store because then you’re “the weird one”, you stand out (even more than regularly so)-because no one does that around here…


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